Angel in Deep Water

Walls of Sin
The Rocking Horse Winner
Exits and Entrances
The Crying Moon
Trouble at the Show
Live at the Bunker
You and I

Angel in Deep Water features the fabulous fiddle of Roger Wilson (of The House Band) and contributions from guitarists Dave Rodgers, Dan Britton and Derek Roberts, who also produced the album.

This was an album simply waiting to get out, and was recorded in very few takes with only a couple of backing overdubs (mostly because Owen can’t play the whistle and sing at the same time).

Every now and then, Owen ventures away from his trademark sensitivity and lets loose with his sense of humour. Angel in Deep Water features two such songs: Hang It (what the characters in nursery rhymes would do if they were unemployed); and Bad Day in Bedrock (the blues as Fred Flintstone would have written them).

  • Angel in Deep Water
  • Catriona was a Dancer
  • Get on Board
    (Song for Cheryl)
  • Ain’t no Goodbyes on the Road
  • Travelling Boy Southbound Train
  • Amsterdam
  • Michael
  • The Circle
  • Hang It
  • Bad Day in Bedrock
  • Shadows on the Hill

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