Exits and Entrances

The Rocking Horse Winner
Walls of Sin
The Crying Moon
Angel in Deep Water
Trouble at the Show
Live at the Bunker
You and I

Owen’s first compilation, Exits and Entrances, is not (like many compilations) simply a rehash of already well known music. This album includes five tracks that were previously only released on tape (Flowers for Mary, Do You Know How it Feels, Last Train to London, She Looks Like Catherine and Twilight Café). The USA version of the frequently requested Danny’s Song was recorded in Phoenix courtesy of David Grossman who liked Owen’s music enough to offer the free studio time to record it. Exits and Entrances covers seven tapes that Owen felt included some songs that, individually, were potentially good enough to release, but the same couldn’t necessarily be said of the entire tape, and so a ‘compilation’ was born.

Listen to Danny’s Song and Twilight Cafe on MySpace.


  • Danny’s Song
    (USA version)
  • Angel in Deep Water
  • She’s Gone to America
  • Song for Father
  • Streetwise
  • Twilight Café
  • Only a Dream Away
  • Sarah Yeah
  • She Looks Like Catherine
  • Last Train to London
  • Flowers for Mary
  • Do You Know How it Feels?
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