The Rocking Horse Winner

Walls of Sin
Exits and Entrances
The Crying Moon
Angel in Deep Water
Trouble at the Show
Live at the Bunker
You and I

The Rocking Horse Winner was one of those magic projects in which everything simply falls into place, and was recorded live in the studio with no overdubs. The track Trouble in Mind was written with Paul Windridge, a talented instrument maker and artist. His wife, Kate, contributed the magic cello that adds a beautiful depth to this album.

The title track reflects a combination of D.H. Lawrence’s story “The Rocking Horse Winner” and Owen’s memory of his sister’s childhood rocking horse. Spookily, one of Paul’s paintings was an exact replica of this old-style rocking horse and its choice for album cover was instant.

Owen’s pick for the ‘stand-out’ track on this album is Africa (with the often requested “ah mama heya” chorus). I Was Katie’s Rebound takes on a life of its own when sung live, and often surfaces in a broad London or surprisingly accurate Australian accent. The Door is about feeling trapped, and the cello really comes into its own in this song and makes it unforgettable.

  • Africa
  • The Wishing Well
  • The Door
  • Trouble in Mind
  • Hangover Blues
  • The Last Waltz
  • I was Katie’s Rebound
  • The Rocking Horse Winner
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