Owen Hugh - Live at the Bunker

Walls of Sin
The Rocking Horse Winner
Exits and Entrances
The Crying Moon
Angel in Deep Water
Trouble at the Show
You and I

Recorded using only two overhead microphones, this album catches the high spirits of Owen’s live performance, including interactions with the audience (and the occasional sneeze!). Live at the Bunker showcases some of Owen’s best-known songs, such as Only a Dream Away and Danny’s Song as well as road-testing some of his new songs, which are now available on his newest album You and I.

The bunker has been the venue of one of Auckland’s longest running acoustic music clubs for over 30 years. If you are a musician vaguely interested in the acoustic or folk genres you need to have been there at least once. Located atop Mt Victoria, it has a warm, friendly atmosphere - it’s just like playing in someone’s front room, particularly in winter when the fire is lit. You can find the Auckland Folk Club there every Monday night.

  • Only a Dream Away
  • Rocking Horse Winner
  • I was Katie’s Rebound
  • Walls of Sin
  • Hang It
  • Africa
  • Trouble in Mind
  • Tonight's the First Night
  • Danny’s Song
  • Mark’s Song
  • Streetwise
  • You Can‘t Come Back No More
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