The Crying Moon

Walls of Sin
The Rocking Horse Winner
Exits and Entrances
Angel in Deep Water
Trouble at the Show
Live at the Bunker
You and I

Probably Owen’s darkest album, The Crying Moon reflects Owen’s mood while living in the UK but pining for New Zealand.

Thoughts and songs from that time include ghosts (Forever Tired These Eyes), urban desperation (Real Living) and failed dreams (Nobody Came to the Show), and the CD features a surprisingly funny ‘Till Death Do Us Part, otherwise known as ‘the sadomasochistís song’.

This is Owen’s second album, recorded 2 years after Walls of Sin. The cover is part of a mural from a Coronation Street-like alley in Leicester. The hands holding up the moon seemed to fit perfectly with the title track … and so it was.

  • Danny’s Song
    (UK version)
  • Forever Tired These
  • August the Dream
  • Rosalyn’s Heart
  • Nobody Came to the
  • Real Living
  • She’s Gone to America
  • Song for Father
  • ‘Til Death Do Us Part
  • The Crying Moon
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