Kapiti Live Music Club: 2005 I have never heard Owen before, but when many good musicians get excited by an upcoming gig, you know its going to be well worth dragging yourself away from all those other exciting activities you had planned for Tuesday night.

Mainly Acoustic Music Club; October 2002 He's an experienced performer who's travelled far and wide with his guitar captivating audiences at concerts and festivals. It was at the Wellington festival last October as a main guest that he stole many a heart with his easy manner, his rich lilting voice and above all, his superb songs. They rocked the senses.

Sounds Alive 2000; Issue 2 Summer Owen Hugh is a notable singer-songwriter, much admired within Leicester, where he plied his trade for a number of years. He has a beautiful voice and plays very tasteful, understated guitar.

Buzz 1999; Issue 58 Spring: The Rocking Horse Winner Does he have what it takes? Probably, if these songs are any guide. They’re easy on the ear, literate and well constructed, and reward repeated listening.

Caught Live and Gigging 1992; Issue 14 Owen is one of the very few performers I have seen at the Bull's Head that can shut the audience up with the power of his songs and delivery alone. I still haven't worked out how he does it - he has a very quiet, understated delivery, which with anyone else would leave the performer un-noticed and the audience talking away. He sings and talks and doesn't care that the audience isn't listening, but by the time he's done three songs, they are.

Someone has to write the songs that people like and find relevant. Owen is one of them. Owen's voice is compulsive and ranges with any of the best in the Leicester scene at the moment. I don't recall one song that was asked for that he couldn't sing and play. Owen has obviously been around and gigging for a lot longer than he lets on.

Folksong Owen is an itinerant Scot who turns up at NZ folk festivals singing quiet, evocative songs and playing his guitar accompaniment in that exquisitely gentle “James Taylor” style.

Rideout Records: Exits and Entrances His warm, lilting voice and easy style, combined with outstanding song writing makes this album a real gem.



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