Independent music is created with passion, hard work and a lot of help from friends and family. Owen often busks to earn much of the money needed to create these albums, and his heartfelt thanks go out to every single person who has ever taken the time to drop as little as 1 cent into his case (yes, that was a few years back, when 1 cent coins existed - he’s been doing this a while!). Other people take a punt on a voice they like and purchase a CD and still others go and grab him a coffee to keep him going. Every one of these actions supports Owen in his music and is much appreciated.

Many other people support or create independent music. Here are a few we know of and encourage you to support too.


Tracey Haskell - Music with a country feel and a lot of fun to listen to. Her album ‘Festival Romance’ is well worth a listen. Tracey and Owen have been singing together for years and produced an album called ‘Are you brother and sister? (because they got asked that so many times!) many moons ago when CDs were just a vision for the future.

Paul Symons - Plays wicked pedal steel and every other kind of guitar, has a fantastic voice and quirky sense of humour! Owen and Paul team up to perform as ‘The Acoustic Gurus’ every now and then and have been known to rock a wedding or two together. While ‘Guru’ is a little tongue-in-cheek, they certainly know what they're doing, have a lot of fun doing it and complement each other’s styles perfectly.

Laura Collins - Passionate organiser of musical events, with a great alt-country and blues voice. Two albums well worth listening to - keep an eye out for her events in your local gig guides.

Carol Bean - Blues and alt-country/rock. Great CD and live performances.


Cafe One to One (previously Atomic Cafe). 121 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby, Auckland, phone (09) 376 4954. Great music, great coffee, great food - what more could you want in a venue? Check out their Thursday night music; a fantastic collection of local musicians for a tiny door charge. They also hold concerts most Wednesday nights.

Recording and Production

Craig Denham - multi-instrumentalist (e.g. piano, accordian, whistle, guitar …) and producer.

Braeburn Recording Studios - One of Wellington’s top acoustic studios, fronted by the affable Robbie Duncan. Has recorded the likes of Mahinaarangi Tocker and many folk musicians from all over the country.

Amstore - In Wellington and Auckland. Provide top-notch design and CD production.

Paul Restall - A real eye for a great photograph and design, coupled with a passion for music.

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