Trouble at the Show

Walls of Sin
The Rocking Horse Winner
Exits and Entrances
The Crying Moon
Angel in Deep Water
Live at the Bunker
You and I

Trouble at the Show comprises two CDs and is the most eclectic mix to date. CD1 is an album in its own right, incorporating songs from Owen’s band days and more recent tracks. The title track was a statement about Owen’s perception of the UK at the time. On one version you can hear Owen taking off John Major, the then Prime Minister, by imitating his characteristic droning.

CD2 is the result of Owen’s wish for an archival CD. Ideal for the simply curious, it is a collection of outakes and demos that spans his entire career. Essentially, it is Owen’s attempt to rescue songs from tape and give an idea of how his songs have developed into those enjoyed on his other CDs. All tracks were remastered by Robbie Duncan at Braeburn Studios, Wellington, New Zealand, and are a fascinating insight into the evolution of songs from inception to recording.

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CD 1

  • Life’s a Drag
  • All the Things She Said
  • Welcome to the Skyline
  • Dance with a Stranger
  • I Will Catch You When You Fall
  • Wishing Well (fiddle version) Lost Time
  • The Actor
  • She Don’t Know
  • Follow You
  • Stranger’s Eyes
  • Alone
  • Stranded
  • Trak 2 (Owen’s Lament)
  • Control
  • Indecision (demo)

CD 2 (Demos and Out-takes)

  • Trouble at the Show (solo demo)
  • Trouble at the Show (Liberty Cats’ first rehearsal)
  • In the Garden (Liberty Cats’ rehearsal)
  • You’re So Special (Liberty Cats’ rehearsal)
  • Judy by the Drugstore (demo)
  • The Door (demo)
  • Eye (demo)
  • Trouble at the Show (demo)
  • Gotta Get On
  • Last Train to London (original demo)
  • Girl with the Red Beret (demo)
  • Angel in the Shadow (demo)
  • Wishing Well (from Are you Brother and Sister’)
  • Twilight Café (from Are you Brother and Sister?)
  • Sister Marilene
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