Walls of Sin

The Rocking Horse Winner
Exits and Entrances
The Crying Moon
Angel in Deep Water
Trouble at the Show
Live at the Bunker
You and I

Owen’s debut CD is a diverse mix of styles and includes bamboo sax, rainsticks, recorders and the talents of Bullfrog Rata and Leraine Horstmanhoff. While it’s difficult for him to pick a favourite on this album, Owen says that Only a Dream Away, one of his most requested originals, “has been the best to me”, and that Angel in the Shadow, written while traveling alone and desperately wanting to meet someone special is the most heartfelt. The album scans the full range of emotions, from nostalgia (Sarah Yeah, Somewhere in a Fairy Tale), anger “at the system” (Hands Up), running away from responsibility (Streetwise) and travel (or as Owen puts it “living on the bones of yer arse”; Down and Out in Paris). Walls of Sin was produced by Andrew Dixon, now of ‘Nairobi Trio’ fame.

Album Review
From Hattie's Live Music Guide 1991; No. 30: "Owen has a silver voice and his guitar arrangements are sparse, but effective. There are some beautiful melodies and arrangements on Walls of Sin, my favourites being Streetwise and Only a Dream Away. Recording engineer Andrew Dixon joins Bullfrog Rata, Chris Orange and Leraine Horstmanshoff on backings. Though the album still has a ‘folk feel’ to me, they cook up some choice funk grooves on a couple of tracks”.

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  • Walls of Sin
  • Sarah Yeah
  • Hands Up
  • Angel in the Shadow
  • Streetwise
  • Down and Out
  • Only a Dream Away
  • Somewhere in a Fairy Tale
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